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Genestealer Brood With Broodlord
When I get a large enough army to warrant Apocalypse Rules, I'm including Genestealer allies from the Tyranid codex. That way, my army will almost resemble the Genestealer Cult armies from days past but still be rules legal. Now that the new Tyranid Codex is out, I can finally work on them. This is my first brood, made from the limited edition Space Hulk re-release Genestealers. The Broodlord is the standard metal one.
More Genestealers with (not surprisingly)a Broodlord
Okay, got myself a second brood finished. These are made from the Battle For McCragge boxed set. I'm far from finished with Genestealers. I still have a brood of Classic Genestealers with a Patriarch as Broodlord as well as another brood of updated Space Hulk ones with a standard metal Brood Lord.
Ymgarl Genestealers
Who wouldn't want shape-shifting elite Genestealers that can hide in terrain? I like how the new rules incorporated both the old Genestealer design and original fluff but put a fresh spin on the whole thing. These models were fun to convert. I'm hoping the feeder tentacle heads and extra shoulder armor will be enough for people to not mistake these for the regular 'stealers in my army. If not, the odd assortment of arms and tentacles should help.
Special thanks to Justin for helping me by supplying feeder heads.
The new codex poses an interesting challenge; if the Broodlord is now more-or-less a sargeant upgrade, what will lead the all-Genestealer allied army? Muwahahaha!

The Patriarch

Now that's one big Genestealer!

Puny humans! Patriarch smash!

In order to meet the game requirement of 1 HQ choice, I got myself a Hive Tyrant. Luckily for me, GW doesn't use the term 'patriarch' any more for Genestealers. My Patriarch is basically a supersized Genestealer that uses Tyrant rules. I haven't decided if I'll use this monster as The Swarm Lord or customize myself a regular Hive Tyrant and count the Genestealer claws as Bone Swords. Either way, this thing is going to carve a bloody swath across the battlefield.

Tyrant Guard using old, hard-to-find Inquisitor-scale Genestealers

The Tyrant Guard can also be used as a "Genestealer Prime" in smaller point games.
More to come! Keep watching this space!
The Galaxy's Smallest Genestealer
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