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Rapid Response

Chimera Amphibious Armored Transport
Lt. Mauer's command squad with vox, medic, plasma gunner, and grenadier.
Sgt. Malkavian's infantry squad with vox, lascannon, and plasma gunner. Commissar Krönen is assigned to this squad.
Sgt. O'Hara's infantry squad with vox, heavy bolter, and plasma gunner. Commissar Gossow is assigned to this squad.
While it's no Landraider, the humble Chimera is still a welcome addition to any IG army. The armor and weaponry are pretty good and it can move a decent amount of troops into position quickly. There's also firing points on the hull and it can cross water terrain as if it were open ground. Did I mention your officers can give orders from inside it? We're talking mobile command center here. Not bad for 55 points, eh?
I originally only used one Chimera to cart around veterans, but it never fared very well. Three should do much better, as the command Chimera can zip around throwing out orders to any squad that'll listen while the other two squads run up the flanks. If nothing else, this will draw fire away from my other, far more dangerous tanks.
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