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They Call It "Apocalypse" For A Reason

The last word in non-Forgeworld 40K vehicles.
Aerial view
Yes, it completely dwarfs the once-formidable Leman Russ Battle Tank.
Yup, the hatch on this one opens, too.

The other side of the turret.

If it's nose-art on a plane, is it hull-art on a tank?

More hull-art.

Rear view

The rear access panels are removable.
The Baneblade can take a ton of punishment and keep on going!

The mighty Baneblade. Greatest of all GW plastic kits. And after a year's worth of work, it's done. Not much else to say other than I cannot wait for an Apocalypse game. It'd be incredible to see all my Broodbrother forces and Genestealer Broods on one table.

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