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Discipline At All Costs

Left to Right: Commissar Weikath, Commissar Krönen, Commissar Pesch, Commissar Kiske, and Commissar Hansen
Left to Right: Commissar Lindemann, Commissar Kutsch, and Commissar Schenker
Lord Commissar Ingram Svelte (of Svelte's Spectres)
Originally, I was going to use the few Hybrids I had as these guys. Figured I'd work with the whole evil-aliens-enslaving-the-humans bit. But I loved the iconic look of the Imperial Commissar way too much to pass up on including them in my army. The bulk of my troops are predominantly blue (like the carapace of the old Genestealers), so I opted to paint these guys primarily in a contrasting dark purple (the classic Brood Brother uniform color). Note the old GamesDay female Commissar & the Steel Legion Commissar in the first group and the three Rogue Trader era Commissars in the second group. When I get more infantry (and require more Commissars), I'll update the page.
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