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BOHICA-Bend Over, Here It Comes Again!
I made these counters to represent when a unit goes to the ground (ie, they duck & cover, hoping they don't die). I made them very quickly from the sand bags that come with the heavy weapons squads. I'll probably need more, considering the sheer number of units I typically field. When most of your enemies negate your armor saves, you'll hit the dirt for any cover save you can get. But as any player knows, when a unit goes to ground, the more or less give up their next turn. Here's hoping there's a commander in range to use the 'Get Back In The Fight!' order.
Penal Legion Desperado Counters
These counters go along with the Penal Legion squad I just completed. The squad gets a special rule called 'Desperadoes' which entitles them to some randomly generated special rules. I figured the counters would make it easier to keep track of what the squad rolled up, especially if I ever get more than one units of legionaires on the table. The counters represent Gunslingers, Knife Fighters, and Psychopaths accordingly.
Heavy Weapon Team Custom Base
When the unit takes a wound, the loader can be swapped out for a tombstone counter.
I came up with this idea when I got my second heavy weapon team for my Tyran Devils. I didn't want to mount them as a weapons team on a big stand. I realized that my other weapon team (ie Rocket Girl and her loader) were separate models as well. I figured it'd be easier to make a single weapon team base that can be used by either weapons team. The hardest part of making it was cutting the holes in the top. Otherwise, it's pretty straight forward.
More to come! Keep watching this space!
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