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138th Tyran Company Command Platoon Omega

LEFT TO RIGHT: Veteran with Voxcaster (made from an old Genestealer Hybrid Magus), Medic (made from the pilot from the Battle For Macragge boxed set), The Magus (Company Commander made from the original 1982 Genestealer Hybrid Magus), Veteran with Standard, and Veteran with Plasma Gun.
Regimental Advisors: Body Guards
Regimental Advisor: Master Of Ordnance
Regimental Advisor: Astropath
Regimental Advisor: Officer Of The (Hive) Fleet
This was the core of my fledgeling army. I originally purchased the models for use in my Necromunda arbitrator campaign. Sadly, the game ended before I got to finish painting the models. Once I got the Imperial Guard codex, I converted the models as needed to make my command squad. Recently, I've managed to get some more really, really old hyrbid and magi models to expand my squad. As much as I love the old Magus (that I now use as a Primaris Psyker) the rare one from 1982 is just too cool to pass up using as my general. And the old Magus with the scanner was a no-brainer for choice of Master Of Ordnance. I was stumped when it came to what to use for an Astropath until I found my old Inquisitor bound psyker henchman. If you look closely, you can see my hybrids have yellow eyes like a Genestealer instead of the blank white eyes of my brainwashed humans. A lot of the early fluff mentions that the inner sanctum of the Genestealer Cult remains hidden until it's time for the rebellion on a planet-wide scale. Based on the fiction, I thought it made more sense for the army to be 90% Brood Brothers (ie, infected brainwashed humans) and that only the company command group should include hybrid models. Maybe one day, I'll make them a command Chimera.
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