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Faith Without Deeds Is Worthless

Left to Right: Brother Jerome, Brother Laurence, & Brother Moses
Sister Jill
As the army is a cult by definition, I knew I had to include Ministorum Priests. These guys would serve as the old Acolytes in the Genestealer Cult army list from the very first Tyranid Codex. I also couldn't turn down the chance to have Eviscerators in my army (I play Redemptionists, among others, in Necromunda). Since I have few actual Hybrid models to spare for use as Priests, I had to get creative. Brothe Jerome is based on the original Necromunda Redemptionist Zealot with a head from a plastic Empire flagellant. Brother Laurance is a 90's era Imperial Priest with a hand-swap and his Eviscerator is a bit from a Gorka Morka mutie. Brother Moses is a Witch Hunter henchman whose only conversion was a holster and grenades from Cadian sprues on his belt. Sister Jill is a very simple conversion of a Sister Repentia. It was just too easy to pass up and I couldn't help naming her after an semi-obscure anime villian. I do have a fifth priest assembled and partially painted, but I have more important things in the army to finish.
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