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Mind Over Matter

Adept Olley and Adept Chambers
Neophyte Ulanti
Back when I only had one of these models, this Magus sculpt was going to be my force commander. But through the magic of eBay, I managed to get my hands on the original magus and a second one of this model. I toyed with the idea of using one for my Astropath and having the second one hanging around as a spare. But I liked the model too much for a mere regimental advisor. Upon realizing I needed a general for smaller point games, I decided to use them both for Primaris Psykers and I painted up my second one. Recently, I got my hands on a 1988 Rogue Trader female psyker and painted her up the same day. The model was just too cool to pass up. And seriously, when am I going to say no to a rare miniature that's older than some of the players at my local gaming store?
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