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When Regular Mechanics Just Won't Do

Adept Tesla and his entourage of Servitors
One of the things in the most recent IG Codex that really made me happy was the return of Techpriests. I always liked these guys. But by the time I got into the hobby (during Dark Millennium) many of the really interesting Imperial Agents where either impossible to get models for or were just plain phased out. Once I saw the new sculpt, I knew I just had to get one. I stuck with the same limited palette as the rest of my army when painting these guys. I thought the blue robes on the Adept would be a nice subtle way to show his new allegiance. Eventually, I'll get a pair of the new Servitors so that I can make it a full compliment of five and give one a heavy bolter for fire support. Check out the old female Servitor from the 80's. She must be quite rare as I've only seen this model one other place. I couldn't even find pictures of the model on Google! Note: the female servitor's face sculpt was so hideous, I had to cover her up with the respirator from the Company Command boxed set.
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