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Armored Assault Carrier

Valkyrie Phi One: The Tyran Belle
Overhead view
This Valkyrie sports Hellfury missiles and heavy bolter sponsons
The missiles can be replaced for rocketpods or Vendetta lascannons. Thanks to Ashhammer for doing the magnet work to make this swapping possible.
WW2-style 'nose art'. Note the third arm on the hybrid pin-up girl
A view of the pilots with the windshields removed
View of the interior
The Valkyire was one of the most difficult and most satisfying model kits I have ever had the pleasure of painting and assembling. It's one very intimidating kit, I have to admit. I had to paint the inside panels first, clearcoat it, and then assemble it to paint the outside. Due to the number of moving parts (the doors, the sponson arms, the heavy bolters themselves) I had to paint and clearcoat a lot of parts before gluing them together. The nose art part was harder than I thought it would be, but I still like the finished product. The base came out well, too. Now my storm troopers ride in style.
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