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Born Survivors

The Tyran Devils
Originally, I had some Steel Legion models all culted up for this role. But I have since gotten that unit a decent heavy weapon team and a Chimera for use as an armored fist squad. The Tyran Devils squad was created expressly to get Sgt. 'Steelclaw' Harkonen (the Genestealer equivalent of 'Stonetooth' Harker) on the board. Also, it was an excuse to show off Rocket Girl and the female Catachan with grenade launcher. Eventually, I may add another special weapon or two. That is, of course, if I can find any more old metal models to use. The plastic Catachans are hell to paint.
Sgt.'Steelclaw' Harkonen leading the Tyran Devils against the Eldar menace
Eldar Harlequins painted by Allison
See The Tyran Devils in action here
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