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Imperial Cruiser "Wyvern's Claw" entering Malinche IX's orbit
It started with a simple mission. An Inquisitor was meeting with Black Dragon Space Marines to take a pure DNA sample for the chapter's tithe. But the world both parties chose for their rendezvous held a dark secret. A secret that would eventually engulf the small monestary world of Malinche IX in warfare.
What began with 200-point Kill Teams and steadily grew as the escalation campaign rolled on, ended with an Apocalypse-sized clash between mighty Space Marines and a combined force of (evil) Imperial Guard and Tyranids (99.9% of which are Genestealers). This is the closest I will ever see to the original Genestealer Cult army in the current rules. But in all honesty, I actually prefer this interpretation of the army, as my troop and vehicle options are a lot greater.

Custom Scenarios

Inquisitor Down!
Night Fall

Battle Reports

Game One: A Suspicious Accident
Game Two: Communication Breakdown
Game Three: Regaining Communications
Game Four: Rearguard
Game Five: Apocalypse On Malinche IX
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