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Inquisitor Down!

Genestealer Cult forces and Black Dragon Space Marines hurry to the crash site.
Inquisitor Gloriana Locke felt uneasy as her crew prepared to take flight from the surface of Malinche IX. The planet was a former penal colony in the days of the Macharian Crusades and was later converted into a monastery world. But now it was mostly abandoned except for a handful of elderly monks. Locke had to land there for supplies and refueling on her way to rendezvous with the commander of the Black Dragons Space Marines regarding annual Geneseed screening. The inhabitants of Malinche IX were extremely helpful and courteous, but a combination of women’s intuition and an Inquisitor’s sixth sense told Locke something didn’t seem right. She would investigate further once her matter aboard the Black Dragon flagship was concluded. Inquisitor Locke never got that chance; her Aquila Lander exploded shortly after takeoff.
Aboard the bridge of the orbiting Imperial Cruiser Wyvern’s Claw, the Inquisitor’s signal was abruptly lost and scanners indicated a large explosion in the planet’s lower atmosphere. All of the Marines’ attempts to contact anyone on the surface went unanswered. “Mobilize Drakkar, Long, and Drachen Squadrons,” the commander roared, “Find out what happened down there. I want answers!”

Scenario Rules

This game is a 200-point kill team scenario (from page 90 of Battle Missions) with the following additional rules:
Table Set Up And Deployment
The board is a 4’ X 4’ square with a model of Inquisitor Locke placed in the center. In a circle around the Inquisitor are the pieces of space ship wreckage from the Battle For Macragge boxed set. These pieces of area terrain are placed so that there are paths just wide enough for a single model pass between them. Large ruined buildings should be placed on the perimeter of the board touching the table edges. The rest of the table should be set up with pieces of appropriate area terrain (like rock piles, craters, or single-story ruins). Models are then deployed per the standard Kill Teams rules.
Search Party
Both sides must use only infantry models and neither side may infiltrate (this is because the sides involved are encountering the wreck at the same time and are primarily concerned with finding survivors).
Burning Wreckage
The vehicle wreckage counts as both dangerous terrain (from the fire) and the smoke blocks any line of sight that is drawn across and beyond the terrain pieces.
Inquisitor Down!
The Inquisitor Locke model placed in the center of the table is the objective. She cannot be targeted (since both sides want her alive) and her power armor will always miraculously protect her from the ravages of difficult terrain or accidental hits from scattered templates and blast markers. The Inquisitor herself is treated like a portable objective; she's injured from the crash and unconscious. To secure Inquisitor Locke as an objective, a model must end its normal movement phase in base contact with her. In subsequent rounds, the model can move, shoot, and assault as normal (it’s assumed the comatose Inquisitor is dragged along). A model can transfer Inquisitor Locke to another model in base contact during the shooting phase, but neither model may shoot that turn. If a model securing Inquisitor Locke is removed as a casualty, she is left on the table where she is and can be re-secured by other models as above. As long as a side secures the Inquisitor, that side does not have to make Leadership tests for 50% casualties. If a side securing Inquisitor Locke loses control of her, then that side will go back to normal Leadership tests for casualties with the appropriate modifiers based on the number of rounds they've been below 50%.

Campaign Outcome

If the Marines win, they get the Inquisitor in future games without her taking up any Force Organization choices. Her basic cost is free, but any wargear, psychic powers, & retinue will have to come out of the army's points. If the Genestealer Cult wins, they have the option to purchase a single Genestealer squad as either a Troop or Elite choice in future games.

Optional Forces

In a non-campaign setting, any forces will do and the objective may not even need to be a person. It could be a piece of equipment or just about anything else that can fit on a standard round infantry base. In a campaign setting, a bit more thought has to be used. For example, Eldar forces may be trying to rescue a Warlock from a downed Grav-Transport. Success of the mission means a free Warlock for the Eldar player (with upgrades and such purchased as normal per their rules). In the case of the opposition, the enemy could either get an option to purchase a unit from another army (like, say, Chaos Marines including a unit of Daemons from the Daemons Codex) or have the option of an extra Elite or Fast Attack selection from their usual Codex (for example, Necrons aren’t going to recruit assistance from other armies, but one more unit of Wraiths than normal makes a nice reward).
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