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Night Fall

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It was dusk when Long Squadron briefly stopped to rest. They were miles from the crash site. The Sergeant attempted to reach the other two squads on his helmet comm and but some kind of artificial interference was blocking the signal. “A communications disruption can mean only one thing. Brothers, we are too few to handle a rebellion of this scale,” Sergeant Bors gravely informed his men, “We have only one real option. We have to find shelter and attempt to contact the Wyvern’s Claw before any hostiles know we’re here.”

Scenario Rules

This game is a 200-point kill team scenario (from page 90 of Battle Missions) with the following additional rules:
Table Set Up And Deployment
The board is a 4’ X 4’ square with a decent amount of appropriate area terrain (small ruins, piles of rubble, craters, etc.) evenly distributed. After sides are chosen, the attackers (in this case, the Marines) are deployed per the standard Kill Teams rules. The objective is set up by the defender anywhere in the opposite deployment zone. The attackers get the first turn; the defenders deploy using the Waylay rules below.
Search Party
Both sides must use only infantry models and neither side may infiltrate (this is because the sides involved are encountering the wreck at the same time and are primarily concerned with finding survivors).
Impending Darkness
At the beginning of each player’s round, before any other actions, a die is rolled. On the roll of a 5 or 6, night as has fallen and Night Fighting rules apply to the rest of the game.
Battle For Survival
The standard Kill Teams Leadership tests for being under half of starting models do not apply in this battle. The attackers have nowhere else to run and are making a last ditch effort to get to safety. The defenders are on their home turf and will stop at nothing to kill the trespassers.
Secure The Objective!
The attackers automatically win the scenario if they can get 50% or more of their starting models into the drop pod. Note that once models have boarded, they are effectively removed from the game and cannot disembark to help out their fellow attackers. If the attackers are under 50%, they can still win if all the defenders are slain and the attacker rolls a straight 6 on a die. This represents the fact that the attackers have less manpower available to properly secure the objective and prepare a communications relay in time.
The defenders have prepared a well-planned ambush and are hiding in tunnels and trenches all over the board. Six numbered counters are placed anywhere on the board by the defender and then a scatter die is rolled for each counter. Note that counters that scatter off the table are placed on the edge. At the start of the defender’s first turn, a die is rolled for each defending model and it is deployed within 2 inches of the corresponding marker. The defenders may not get a normal move, but may shoot or run (and assault if the models have Fleet).

Campaign Outcome

If the Marines win, any one unit in the next battle will receive the Acute Senses universal special rule. If the Genestealers win, the Genestealer Cult will have the option to include single a squad of Genestealers (either as Troops or Ymgarl as Elites) in future games.

Optional Forces

This scenario is easy to adapt to fit any showdown in the 41st millennium. It obviously favors close-combat oriented troops as the defender. It was specifically designed with Marine attackers and Genestealer defenders in mind. The bunker can be replaced by an interplanetary vehicle or transporter or to fit in with any potential army’s theme.
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