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The Patriarch's Chosen

Ichar's Finest
It's always a good idea to have extra models for customizing the unit between games.
The idea for this squad was too good to pass up. Of course, it took forever to track down enough Genestealer hybrids and hybrid/Genestealer arms to complete the unit. I purposely opted to only give the unit special weapons (instead of a heavy weapons team) to keep them mobile. Invariably, this unit is given the Grenadiers doctrine in play. The heavy flamer and the grenade launcher help with crowds of lightly armored personel while the plasma gun punches holes in the heavier targets. There's also the meltagunner that can be put in the unit for heavy armor and the shotgunner is in there basically just for fun. The name of the unit refers to Ichar IV, the planet where the Inquisition first discovered Genestealer Hybrids.
Sgt. Bastille leading Ichar's Finest against degenerate invaders.
See Ichar's Finest in action here
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