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The Official Web Page Of The 138th Tyran

Does this look familiar?

At long last, Kid Cthulhu has returned to the 41st Millennium!

> It's been many years and a few editions, but I have finally decided to start playing again. With the advent of the new Imperial Guard codex, I was inspired. But of course, I wouldn't be content playing a typical Guard army. I toyed with the idea of Traitor Guard for a while. Certainly there was a lot of conversion potential. But that idea had been done to death. I wanted something a little more original. After long deliberation, I settled on resurrecting a Genestealer Cult Army using the new IG rules. Now I can actually do something with the Hybrid models I bought for Necromunda.
Click here for a crash-course on Genestealer Cults
Click here to see the whole army thus far

As Of 04/19/11

Updated Veteran Squad Pictures


Company Command Platoon Omega
Techpriest Enginseer
Ministorum Priests
Primaris Psykers
Named Characters


Psyker Battle Squad
Sigma Force Storm Troopers
Ratling Snipers


Infantry Platoon Lambda
Veteran Squad-Tyran Devils
Veteran Squad-Ichar's Finest
Armored Fist Platoon
Penal Legion Troopers

Fast Attack

Valkyrie Phi One: The Tyran Belle
Scout Sentinels

Heavy Support

Ordnance Battery Pi
Leman Russ Psi One: Mayhem
Leman Russ Psi Two: Menace
Manticore Chi One: Stormbringer


Purestrain Genestealer Allies
Baneblade Super Heavy Tank

Battle Reports

Kill Team Tournament 1 Coverage
Kill Team Tournament 2 Coverage
"Incident On Malinche IX" Narrative Campaign


Custom game counters

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